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Anyone Here Play Airsoft?


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airsoft gun is a gun, powered by a spring, battery, or gas cartrige, which fires 6 or 8mm plastic bb's

they are styled after many famous guns (ak47,m4a1,mp5,spas shotgun, desert eagle, beretta, etc.) and can cost anywhere from 4.99 for the cheapest spring pistol all the way to over 5000 dollars for ultra high quality AEG's (automatic electric guns) which are indiscrimable from the real gun in any way. EBB means electronic (uses batteries to fire) blowback (the top part of the gun goes back like on a real gun when shot). google "airsoft" or on videos.google.com type in "airsoft" and there are huge battles with hundreds of players. the guns are so close to the real thing that people buy scopes and holsters from Beretta, Colt, or British Arms just for their airsoft guns when they demand the best quality.

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