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uTorrent - Error: Operation Not Supported


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I'm using uTorrent v0.9.3.2 for mac (currently the newest version) and I'm trying to download a file from uTorrent into my NTFS drive, I'm using MacFUSE and NTFS 3G so that my NTFS drives and both read and write. After about 2MB of downloading this file it stops and gives me an error saying: Error: Operation Not Supported. I've looked around on google and on the forums and I can't see anyone else having this problem, could anyone explain what to do and what's going wrong?

P.S. When I try to download this torrent on my Windows XP partition it works perfectly, no errors.

Currently doing a force re-check of the torrent files as I downloaded 30% on the windows partition and now I'm trying to continue it (in the same directory of course) on mac.



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