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Installed Win7, speed is worse.


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Hello! I guess you've may had this question many times, but I still ask:

For a week or something ago, I installed Windows 7 x64. I installed µtorrent, and thought that everything was fine. But when I started to download things, I noticed that it was MUCH slower. Okay, so I try to fix this by taking a look on the speedtest, so I could check if my ISP had some problems, but no, on speedtest.net I had the same speed as before the format. And yes, I am connectable, and the ports are working just fine.

Here is my speed normally: 769871097.png

So I check the settings, and I find that the settings ain't that much diffrent than before when i had XP. Before, my speed was maxed at 1.8MB/s, now its not nearly going to 800KB/s, and yes, I know the peers are the problems, but on private trackers where you normally can get up to 6mb/s, you should get more than 800. And it's much more unstable, like from 800->600->300->600->500 it goes like that and can't stay at one place. And the internet on my computer is slow, when I use µtorrent on the side, it wasn't that before. It's like if the speed is 100KB/s, the browser is still slow, what have happened?!

So is there a "limit" on Windows 7, or in the newest "µtorrent"? Just this little thing makes me regret that I got windows 7.

Please help.


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