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Help me adjust my settings for freeleech?

Pixel Eater

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A certain private tracker is having a massive freeleech. I have Verizon FiOS with 20 Mbit/s up and down and would really like to max this out all weekend while continuing to be a useful seeder. My settings have been effective in daily use and seeding, but queue up badly in this scenario. I mean the queuing is way too random. Force start hasn't really solved it.


Max upload rate 2000

Global max no. connections 900

Maximum no. connected peers per tor 30

Number of upload slots per tor 10


Max no. active torrents up/down 30

Max no. active downloads 10

I might like to download 10 or 20 albums at a time, whatever it takes to get to 2 MB/s and stay there, then have uTorrent automatically move on to more as the downloads finish. Again, too many random queued seeds and difficulty getting downloads to begin. Any ideas?

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