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Resume.dat is corrupted


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So I should skip "Renaming appended files" ?

Thanks man I followed those steps and now it working fine.

One final question, can I move this "autoload" folder to somewhere else ?

There are two problems.

1. I can't delete any torrent

2.When i restated my system some files(mostly new ones) gave this "error:Can't open .torrent file:filename"

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If you (re)move the autoload folder, you have to report your modification in Preferences > Directories.

This error happens when you move the storage folder of .torrent files.

Change the folder in Preferences > Directories and put the .torrent files in this folder.

To store the .torrent files, you can create a folder \Torrents (for example) in the directory %appdata%\utorrent and set it in Preferences > Directories.

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