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uTorrent will not start, "resume.dat" has been recovered.


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New to uTorrent.

I searched the forums and faq and did not find my particular problems so I apologise if this has been covered before.

I am using uTorrent 1.4 and it will not start after working fine before since I installed it a few weeks ago. Now, I get a new message that "resume.dat" was missing or damaged and "has been recovered."

However, uTorrent still will not open. The icon appears in the tray but when I click on it, it simply disappears. I have tried restarting the computer but the same thing keeps happening.

Also, when it was working the speed with which I could use the internet while running uTorrent would gradually decrease. It would become more "choppy" over time and eventually everything would freeze and I would have to do a hard restart. This would happen anywhere from after 2 hours to after 25 hours of uTorrent constantly running.

I have Windows XP Home, no router, no firewall issues (that I am aware of). It was working fine until this new problem of the missing or damaged "resume.dat" file.

Thank you very much.

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