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Windows 7 x64 freezes when uTorrent is used (Ralink RT61 wireless LAN


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Specifically, I will start uTorrent and it will work normally for about 30 seconds before my computer freezes.

I have done a search for this issue on this forum and have found many different answers. Unfortunately many of the discussions were beyond me since I do not understand much of the more technical talk.

The most simple answer (or so it seems to me) can be found in this thread:


He eventually says "It seems I have found the problem. I removed the driver of my WLAN card and took now (after using the driver directly from Ralink instead of Asus which did not work properly though) the driver Windows 7 brings with itself. Now I have no crashes with uTorrent anymore, at least so far."

I do not know what he means by "the driver Windows 7 brings with itself". If someone could please explain this to me and guide me with regards what to do that would be greatly appreciated.

Again, this could have been answered before, I just don't understand any of the solutions :)

Thanks for the help!

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