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utorrent: downloading and uploading of all torrents have halted.


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Hello, I have been using utorrent for a while now and now all of a sudden all uploading and downloading of all current active torrents have halted and have been showing no progress whatsoever in the progress window. I just installed the new version of firefox(which has been acting funny by asking me permission for firefox to make changes to my computer every time that want to execute the fire fox web browser which is not normal and should only occur during updates.) so I suspect it is firefox because that is when the utorrent problem occured. So then I uninstalled firefox and restarted my computer and the problem still persist. So then I installed an older version of fire fox and reinstalled utorrent(via utorrent wesite download) and yet the same problem. So I go back to utorrent and try to update it and a window pops up and tells me that it is unable to contact the utorrent server yet I still can download regularly on my computer but I cant download torrents(via utorrent). Can anyone please help me with this problem that I am having with utorrent, it would be appreciated. Thank You for your time in this matter.

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