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Please im having a very weird problem that's quiet frustrating!

I mostly download and seed music, many tracks are sometimes not download fully but then they are downloaded again automatically and thats fine. the problem suddenly came when music file segments started to get mixed together. so after download is complete part of the tracks are corrupted. for example i download an album for oasis, and while im listening to the songs, some of them suddenly start playing other songs for a brief moment then go back to oasis. even weirder these other segements of songs that suddenly play are not only for music that i have downloaded or shared previously, but even for cds which i ripped on my pc!! i use windows media player, if this helps. please help me because im truely frustrated that most of the downloads i spent alot of time to download are heading for the garbage so it seems. I really like Biittorent and sharing community by the way and would like to stick with it, but can this problem be solved?

thank you!


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I have this exact same issue of one MP3 jumbled with other MP3s that I have ripped. I do not use any torrents and have ripped all my music from CDs that I own onto my Windows Server that has a SATA Raid card in it with two 500 gig drives mirroring each other.

So far this is only happening to a few songs that I just recently ripped and it is mixing into that song other songs that I recently ripped and other songs that I ripped a LONG time ago.

Basically I am wondering if you have a RAID setup or if you have figured out what is causing this....it seems to be file system related?



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