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Maintain directory structure when moving completed downloads


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Hope this isn't a huge dupe, but I had a little dig and couldn't find anything.

My new and completed downloads folders are named:



I've recently started using this feature. When I download a new torrent, I add an extra folder to the download location to categorise whatever I'm downloading, so it will look something like:


But when it completes, it shows up in the completed downloads folder as:


Would be good if it would carry over the directory structure subsidiary to 'G:\Downloads\uTorrent\Files\Downloading' to the completed directory, and also remove orphan directories from the downloading directory (they'll be orphans if nothing else is downloading to that category).

If there's something obvious I've missed, apologies.



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This could be done by using labels.

That's how i orden my torrents, by labeling as followed 'Category\Subcategory\etc'

Once completed it'll be moved to ..\Downloads\Completed\Category\Subcategoru\etc\Torrent Name'

Note: you do have to select the option "Append the torrent's label" options in Preferences > Directories

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