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Are uTorrent & ZoneAlarms BAD friends?


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I am trying to open a port in ZoneAlarm Pro 8 to allow uTorrent 1.8.5 to work properly but it seems it is not possible because of a bug in the firewall prog.

I read several posts on the web reporting this problem when using last versions of both softwares but it seems the problem is older than that... based on my experience with older versions.

I tried (without success) the procedure posted on


So, until I fix this problem (or switch to an other firewall), I must use the SO SO windows firewall...

But may be I'm just missing something and if this is the case, then, I would like to know how to make it works.

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Many exploits masquerade as Internet Explorer or even Adobe Flash traffic...which you probably already allowed FULL access rights to. Your software firewall won't block such behavior at all. :(

AdBlock and NoScript add-ons for Firefox *MIGHT* block some of that, but even they're useless if you allow what later proves to be hostile traffic. :(

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