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Mysterious downloads


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All download torrents are set as "stoped" and only upload are in "seeding" mode, but still I have active download reading on the bottom of the uTorrent 2.0, next to the upload reading and DHT . The speed is not very high ( from 2 to 4 kB/s ) but is worry me because I don't know what kind of staff is downloading and I can't even locate the place it is downloaded. There shouldn't be any downloads at all when there is no any torrent in "download" setting and DHT disabled.

That problems accrue to me before in others versions of uTorrent but in lower speed. I have download and install uTorrent 2.0 version with hope that this problem is fix, but it looks that many people have the same problem with newest version as well as with old. I don't have setup any RSS Feed.

Is here any way that this can be fix or is there any explanation why this is happening?????

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