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"Down Speed" column no longer shows individual speeds for torrents...


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All of a sudden UTorrent will not show all the download speeds in the "Down Speed" column correctly. At the bottom of my utorrent screen is where it shows that I am downloading at 603 kbs and uploading at 92 kbs but in the upload speed column and the download speed column there are only 2 or 3 files showing the individual up and down speeds and they only add up to a few kbs. I restarted Utorrent but still missing these up and down speed listings. How do I fix this?

I fixed it myself. I found a side column to the left of the downloads which has (All, Downloading, Completed, Active, and Inactive). Inactive was selected, so I selected "All" and my speed listings came back. The reason I could not figure it out at first is because this side column was barely visable. I had dragged the main window to the far left covering the far left column.

I will blame it on an errant mouse!

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