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incoming utorrent files stopped downloading


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Don't know how common of a problem this is as I am somewhat new to Utorrent. Everything was working fine with the program. After a routine update to my operating system all the files that were in the process of being downloaded in my utorrent ceased downloading.They now have have a red "X "next to them. I tried reactivating and no joy. Just to see if my uTorrent was working properly I started a download on a new file and that one works fine and completed it'd download 100%. I believe somehow the files that were being downloaded may have somehow gotten moved during the update process and now utorrent cannot find them. Question: How do I get utorrent to point to them again to finish their download process. I am using the latest version of utorrent and my operating system is the latest version of snow leopard. I have randomized port checked (as before when it was working fine). It shows a green light with "no incoming connections" noted. I don't believe it is a port issue because like I said I am able to download files with no problem. I suspect that utorrent just can't find the previous files to complete their download.



**************Please disregard I was able to fix this problem. I am sure someone would have assisted me given more time. **********

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