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How to open main.css.gz


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Hello, i wana delete the preferencs from webui and i see how it done in this thread: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=359426#p359426

We have to edit:

main.css, look for

div#toolbar a#setting span

Inside of its braces ({}), add

display: none;

But this file is inside of webui.zip and is extension is .gz ( main.css.gz), how i edit this file and save again in same extension ?

Sorry my question, but i alredy try several thinhs without any luck soo i came here asking some help.

Thanks in advance

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@butes: open the .gz in WinRar. Extract the file somewhere but keep the winrar window open. When you are done editing simply drag the file into the open winrar window.

Please note that removing preferences from the webui.zip is NOT secure. Smart users can still send direct commands. And even n00b users will (inadvertently) circumvent your changes if they use any of the gadgets/plug-ins or independent applications found here.

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