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Borderline bugfix request: need auto retries after source 'hiccups'


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My utorrent is saving to a network drive -- thing is, that occasionally,

(but more recently, maybe with utorrent load?) my network drive will hiccup. Usually

it's immediately back, though on rare occasion, I've had a more serious glitch.

But in the past few days over 90% of the time I've had momentary glitches,

simply attempting an 'start' again restarts the stream (up or down, equally), as though

nothing had happened.

I'm on win7, and it might have to do with win7's i/o throttling -- as it seems to kick in even when I'm not watching media (think it was supposedly on throttle when media was playing, but seems to be about the same all the time -- which leads me to believe that it may always be thinking that media is playing) - Either that, or it's slower all the time and media play would make it worse? Eh...I don't see it getting noticeably worse when media is playing, so must just be throttled all the time now..

Anyway, auto - reconnect after ...10, 9, 8, ....until really stopped by the user.


Doable? Otherwise, I've little faith that I can leave it on overnight -- though I have and it has usually been fine. But would feel safer it it could recover from a momenary glitch -- or a prolonged glitch -- either way, why not just auto retry? Would make the program more "robust" in the presence of flakier networks (or on Win7 machines ? *meow*;-))....

Would GREATLY appreciate this...


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