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CRC error, redownload torrent?


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Well... Im having the same problem with only 1 of my torrents I downloaded. First I thought it was my hard drive, coz I use an external enclosure to download torrents connect it to pc through usb(so i can just plug the drive on my dvd-player and watch stuff on tv....)... So somehow I thought that could be an issue when handling large files...

The file I downloaded had like 700mb, and when transferring from usb-enclosure to pc-drive, got stuck at 40%.... ... So I decided to copy heaps of files with a size over 4gb to the usb-drive and copy them back to pc.... Everything worked fine... so I discarded the hypothesis of being external usb enclosure fault...

Then I can say that there could be some issue related to uTorrent, or something related do bad sectors to the drive...

Im gonna check the drive for bad sectors.. .If I dont find anything Ill just redownload the torrent and see what happens... At least seens like Im not the only one having this kind of issue...

Is it possible somehow a specific downloade torrent generates this kind of behaviour?

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CRC is entirely HDD related. nothing to do with µT

and instead of using OS built in copy function you might want to try the "unstoppable copier" from roadkil.net. That tool is great when transfering large ammounts of files from one place to another. Since it will copy as much of a file as it could in case of error, and will not break a copying job when observing one, you can even save most of downloaded data from erroring torrents since after a rehash check µT must only attemp to redownload the maybe few faulty pieces this recovery methode has left over.


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