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How to connect to seeds in DHT & Peer Exchange?


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I have a torrent I'm downloading from. All the trackers in it show zero seeds.

However in the DHT, it shows currently 3 seeds and 12 peers.

Peer exchange shows 25 seeds and 125 peers.

Local Peer Discovery shows zero seeds, and zero peers.

In the downloading section, I see numbers for seeds something like 0(25) and for peers 4(115).

utorrent is configured correctly. a normal torrent with lots of seeds will give me great speeds.

My question is am I missing a configuration to connect to those seeds and finish out this download (stuck at 92.9%)?

I've checked and unchecked the outgoing encryption, no effect.

Bottom portion of the screen shows DHT Nodes - 326, and I have a green checkmark indicating a good connection.


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Does the torrent use popular trackers like http://tracker.openbittorrent.com/announce or http://tracker.publicbt.com/announce ?

I don't know if other torrents are interfering (from having too many busy torrents active at once), if your line is overloaded, or really any uTorrent settings that might also interfere (such as trying to upload at infinite speed).

Is your ISP hostile to BitTorrent traffic? (Google searches on it turn up anything?)

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Good question. I just checked the tracker list, and those two mentioned above are among the trackers it's trying to connect from. Should I just delete them and try to operate strictly off the DHT?

I also did some checking and my ISP (AT&T U-verse) isn't blocking or messing with the connection. Found a test that will check (Glasnost) and it came up fine. Also downloaded a couple of popular torrents with lots of seeds, and I was running at 1.1Mbs (or is it 1.1mB/s?), so that's working also.

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Clear the peer list.

Copy and paste the entire tracker list to a text file and save that.

Make sure there's no udp trackers present -- many in the past injected garbage ips. Don't announce to *ANY* tracker that has no seeds unless you're certain it's got lots of peers.

Glasnost isn't a reliable test for ALL forms of ISP disruption/throttling of BitTorrent -- some ISPs may allow that website unhindered.

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Ok just went in and verified that all of the trackers I'm using (9) are HTTP, not UDP.

Each of the trackers has zero seeds, and 2-3 peers.

I'll clear out ALL of the trackers tonight and see what happens, let it run straight off of DHT.

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OK, went in and deleted all of the trackers that never showed a single seed. Left the original tracker in (demonoid).

Per your instructions, I added the two trackers above. Now in the properties tab, looking at the trackers, I have the original demonoid one, with a space, then the two trackers above with no space.

No effect, so decided to do something different. I deleted the torrent, and restarted it. Once the program was finished checking to see how much I had, I noticed that instead of the (3)(12) for DHT it had been reporting all week, now I was getting (0)(3).

Peer Exchange is still reporting 25 seeds, doesn't connect to anybody.

So I'm not connecting to anybody seed wise, but I'm certainly uploading to others now. Right now I'm uploading to others at 133 kB/s, something I hadn't seen for a while on that torrent.

Would another client help? Another computer from a different IP address?

I'll let it run over night and see what happens.

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"Would another client help? Another computer from a different IP address?"

Probably not, but try that if you care to.

Seems more like the seed/s are no longer there!

Or there's a single seed hidden as an initial seeder, which shows up to peers only as another peer...often with low percentage complete.

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