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Re open the "add new torrent" window


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How do you do that? It seems like it's just impossible. Yes, i have read several postings here that tell how to make the window to open in general when you add a new torrent, but how do you re-open it? I mean if the window is there, coded in the program, you should be able to open it :/

I used BitComet before utorrent and you just right clicked the torrent and select "properties". In uTorrent the properties seems to open a really useless (for everyday user like me) window that contains trackers etc "interesting" info.

Going through the "files" tab and then trying to find the correct file from the list (that has like 100 or more files) and then make it "normal priority" is really annoying. IF i could re open the "add new torrent" window, it would be a lot quicker, and easier.

So, what is there to do?

Thanks in advance :)

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