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uTorrent crashes while minimized to system tray


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Here's a weird problem.

I start a torrent and minimize it to the system tray. I run PSX Emulator(fullscreen). After a while, I exit the emulator and return to the desktop. I double click the tray icon and nothing happens. In fact , all of the tray icons do not respond. I tried to access task manager but it just wouldn't load. I tried to shut down but it wont. The only way was to restart the whole thing. After a reboot, I open uTorrent and it starts hash checking.

Now, If i didnt minimize uTorrent to the system tray, but have another window overlapping the uTorrent window, and then run my emulator, the same problem will occur....only that the uTorrent window will be seen as a white empty window titled uTorrent.

On the other hand, If i did not minimize uTorrent , and there are no other windows overlapping it, running the emulator and then turning it off will not cause a crash.

Is it a problem with the emulator or uTorrent?

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