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Help with text color


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I've recently upgraded to ver 2.0 (from 1.7.2) and I have a problem reading the text in the main list control. All the text appears to use the 'disabled' text color, which is very hard to read. This wasn't a problem in 1.7.2.

I'll attach a screen-cap so you can see the difference. Is there anything I can do to make the text more readable?

New version:


Old version:


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Yes, I am using the scheduler. But what can be done about this? I need to keep using the scheduler and I can't see a way to change the gray text color from desk.cpl, and indeed, I shouldn't have to change this system wide color setting which works as intended elsewhere but is not very helpful with uTorrent.

Why was it changed in V2 and can it be changed back in a future release, or at least a preference option added to stop the current behavior?

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