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I try to add as many trackers to my torrents as possible. That way, I can access a wider arrray of computers.

Suggestion 1. Add a way to simply combined all of the trackers in a specific set of torrents, by label or by selection. A user can pick a label, and tell all of the torrents to use all of the trackers to look for all of the torrents.

Suggestion 2. Add a way to remove multiple trackers. Because I manually add trackers, I end up duplicating trackers. I don't think that this is harmful, but it is asking the tracker the same thing twice, eating up resources.

Just my two cents. Thanks for a great program.

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Tracker admins are already complaining about too many people adding their tracker manually to their torrents, even for torrents not registered to that tracker.

You want an automated tool to do that?!

It's been shot down before, with FIRE...LOTS OF FIRE!

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