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Downgrading from uTorrent 2.1


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I belong to a certain site that does not <yet> support uTorrent v2.1.

Their recommendation was that I downgrade. My reply was I would wait for them to catch-up to v2.1 as I prefer to move forwards with technology, not backwards.

The comeback was that I may get banned for using a 'non-compliant' client.

Again, I like to try the new and exciting developments that uTorrent has to offer, but don't want to ruffle the feathers of those playing God with older technology.

The other thing that I want to try to understand is, is there a way <documented> to safely downgrade to v2.0 without loosing my existing partial downloads and ratios etc?

Or should I wait for them to catch-up with us free flowing modern tinkerers?



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Thank you DreadWingKnight for being nice,

as I know that this is not your nature,

but also for being concise!


I'll let you know what the outcome was of replacing the uTorrent.exe file.


I replaced the uTorrent.exe file as you suggested and it works like a champ without losing any settings.

Thank you for blessing me with your wisdom.



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i'm on a search for an answer as to why a certain private tracker that i use has banned uT 2.0 (and other versions). all i can find so far is stuff in the Trash section.

i have been told to roll back to 1.8.3, or, take my pick of various others back to 1.6.1 - with the reason that their tracker receives incorrect data from "other versions" than these.

the site isn't pushing about it or straight banning users, AFAIK, but in a support PM'ing uT was getting blamed and i was getting told to read the FUD pages. (the ones that were probably being dreamed up years ago growing into todays tangle.)

to me, i see the upping and downing happening as expected. is there a valid reason for me to switch? i don't understand the benefit to them.

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Firon, it is thebox.

2.0.1 is officially banned, it was before now too but i have only seen the updated banned list today. it is listed along with 2.0 and others. where previously they were not in the either of the allowed or banned lists. (although, i was warned in a PM)

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any news regarding thebox?

the most recent message over there about uT is this (6th May) :

uTorrent (versions 1.6.1, 1.7.7, 1.8.2 and 1.8.3 and Recommended (Get 1.8.3 Here)

Utorrent Downgrade Info Here

(Utorrent,, ARE BANNED)


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no news at this end but something has changed. happily thebox has either seen-the-light or Firon, who has had extensive efforts on the mater with them, has finally made some ground.

this is the latest regarding uT, a quote from their Allowed/Banned BitTorrent Clients page:

"Notes: is temporarily allowed; 2.0.2 currently being tested;"

i'm glad i didn't end up doing the changeover of my thebox stuff ;)

thanks again uT and everyone.

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Windows Clients


WARNING! uTorrent 2.0.1, 2.0.2 ,2.0.3 and 2.0.4 are not approved and you will use it at your own risk, including if you get disabled for cheating in any way when you were not or loss of ratio. The Site is not responsible for how uT 2.0.* versions behaves.

Recommended version: 1.8.2 {Download Link: Windows}

Only approved versions: 1.6.1, 1.7.7, 1.8.2, 1.8.3

uTorrent downgrade information here

Website: http://www.utorrent.com/


Recommended version: 1.2.3 {Download Link: Windows}

Only approved versions: 1.2.3

Latest version tested: 1.2.3 (Result: Approved)

Notes: n/a

Website: http://deluge-torrent.org/

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i'm glad i swung by. i'll upgrade now and keep using "it at my own risk" heheh it wasn't necessary for me to do their silly downgrade over this period of madness and now i'll continue with a better-than-ever uT. thanks.

the elephant in the room about this, is that it is as if all of the allowed clients have been thoroughly scrutinised when they probably have not.

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If private trackers even do a cursory review of a uTorrent version...it basically consists of:

1.Do they see what they think are ratio discrepancies?

2.Does it crash for them?

Problem with #1 is many BitTorrent clients changed how wasted or hashfail data was recorded, but private trackers running very old tracker software can't properly read the new recording method. (This "new" method has only been used for a couple years now.) So they see "errors" in the reported download/upload amounts and accuse uTorrent of cheating.

For #2, a crash could likely be caused by anything but uTorrent...just terrible coincidence...and that uTorrent version would still likely be banned.

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