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Torrents not Re-Checking


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Today while in the middle of a download I accidentally hit the power cord on my external hard drive, which I save all my torrent downloads to, it shut off and I received the classic X's on the utorrent. I immediately plugged it back in hoping for the torrents to reconnect the file paths automatically. But unfortunately this was not the case, they would not continue to download. I realized as well that my previously finished torrent downloads that were seeding were also broken too. So I stopped all my torrents and tried a force re-check. It seems to re-check all the torrents that are saved on my hard drive, most of them anyway, but not re-check the ones on my external. How would I go about fixing this? It's crucial because..if this cannot be fixed my previously seeding torrents will be lost..which would be quite the disaster.

Thanks a lot.

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