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My utorrent won't download but the other computer can?


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Recently I've helped to set up utorrent in my father's computer. His comp is running XP and using wired connection.

He has no problem using utorrent.

The problem is my computer's utorrent. It won't connect to any seeders or peers. My comp is also running XP but using wireless connection.

We're both using different ports and ports are forwarded.

I'm using TP-Link TL-WN321G wireless USB adapter and the router we're using Buffalo Technology WHR-G300N Nfiniti Wireless Router.

Thank you.

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Yes, I have Panda Anti Virus installed but I don't think it's blocking utorrent.

I've allowed utorrent in panda firewalls and also tried to turn off the panda anti virus.

Unfortunately, it's still not working :(


I'm currently using BitTornado and it works very well. So it was utorrent problem?

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