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µTorrent - my system is slow


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My machine is:

AMD Athlon 64 3200 +

Ep0x 8kda3+

1024mb of RAM


With other clients like Bitcomet with speed of 1,2mb/s my system is real fast. But µTorrent with speed like 900kb/s my system is much slow. How can I fix this?!!

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I tried didn't help this 120000 setting. I don't use AV software, firewall is Windows Firewall.

Now I installed the leatest version of utorrent.

It's the same - if I left my pc with few tasks to seed or download, when I sit back and try to use Windows is 5-6 times slower than usual. Bitlord and Bitcomet is OK. I installed Windows Vista, all the same! How to configure uTorrent? When my pc is slow, utorrent takes only ~20mb RAM (task manager information)

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turn off write out untouched blocks every 2m, reduce memory usage.

It's also possible that the Windows system cache is eating all your RAM. You can tell by looking at the task manager and seeing if your "Available" RAM drops to a very low number.

I'm currently dealing with that issue on Windows 2003.

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I Turned off write out untouched blocks. But here what's up (in processes utorrent is ~40mb!!!):


When exit utorrent whole memory usage is ~300mb

I tried to enable fixed cache size - 50mb, to disable automatic increase cache size, no difference. Progressively loads in memory until pagefile is 99% :( What to do? Utorrent v161

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