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Unable to download from client to whs network share


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I've been using µtorrent for many years, and absolutely love it. However, I've lately noticed something going wrong with my downloads.

I'm not certain if this started before or after I installed the RC (2.0.1 build 18833) but let me try to describe the situation.

I have µtorrent installed on the client, downloading directly to the Windows Home Server network share.

The download starts fine, it's working as it should, but every now and then it stops with an error claming that the networkname is no longer available. The error message is in Swedish and my µtorrent is set to use English, guessing the error message is from the OS (win 7 ultimate 64 bit) as the language of the error listed is the same as the OS.

However, the LAN is working properly and I haven't had any issues like this before.

I've already tried downloading to shares on other clients which is working fine, so I'm guessing this has something to to with µtorrent and whs. Anyone else experiencing any issues with this?

I have a lot of torrents in the list at the moment, is it possible to downgrade µtorrent to an older version without loosing any torrents? I like what you've done with the new one, but I have to find what is causing this and I'm running out of ideas...

Edit: forgot to mention that if I select the torrent and hit start, it will resume for a while, and stop again after a few minutes.

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Bjurran, you can try this fix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/898468

I also am having the same issue but I did not appear for me until I upgraded to utorrent 2.0

I am torrenting from a Windows XP Pro SP3 system into a network share on a Vista Home SP2 box that is currently acting as my media center. I used to get Event ID error 4226, until I patched TCP/IP on the XP system to allow for 500 open connections. It is my understanding that this is not necessary for the Vista system since SP2 defaults to unlimited connections now. I no longer get the Event ID errors, but the problem still exists.

And yes, the XP system is wireless while the Vista machine is wired directly to the router. Unfortunately, wiring the XP system is not possible for me due to several factors. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated since it is a terrible inconvenience to have to constantly check and restart torrents.

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I'm not going to apply reg tweaks on the whs right now as I don't think whs is causing this.

Also, I don't have any errors in the logs on client nor whs.

I do believe this is caused by something with 2.0, is it possible to revert to an older version (pre 2.0) and keep all settings?

I'm currently running 2.0.1 build 19078, the problem still exists in this version.

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I've done some investigations here, and it seems like the main disconnection problem is caused by something on the whs. I did revert back to µTorrent 1.9 and the same thing happened, so it's not caused by 2.x.

However, I'm having trouble with how µtorrent handles the files. As the files seem to be left open as long as I'm seeding, whs is not able to duplicate the data to other harddrives until I've reached my seeding goal (ratio 1.5).

Is this really the way µtorrent is supposed to work? I'd prefer is the file is re-opened by µtorrent every time a new piece is needed, as this would increase the whs performance a lot and the data duplication would work as soon as the download is completed.

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