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updated 18833 > 18973 upload stop. reverted, upload recomenced.


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I was uploading to a single torrent at 30KB/s.

Saw the new version message by utorrent and updated to 18973.

After it restarted, no further uploading took place.

Gave it 10 minutes, no change. Reverted to previous version,

upload restarted within 10 seconds.

Is it possible that particular tracker is not playing nicely with the new version?

An other thoughts?

Please advise.

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I switched back and forth the version again.

Open office is behaving the same on both version, downloading

to my limit,but only uploading 2 or 3 KB/s. 39 peers but only connected to

0 or 1, keeps dropping out.

I'll take a look at the torrent I was having problems with earlier to see if

still occurs.

Are there any extended options that may be a factor ?

I saw bt_transp_disposition set to 5, not sure how it got that way.

I set it to 15. (this was in version 18833)

When I re-enabled the new version, this value was set to 31. What does that mean?

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