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Pre-allocate all files option should allow for progressive allocation


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I am currently running 2.0.1 (build 18973)

uTorrent would save many people (including myself) a great deal of headache by allowing for progressive file allocation as a torrent is running so that when you select to download a file that was previously marked to be skipped, space for it is allocated on the hard drive.


You really don't need to read any further, and in fact it is probably in your best interest to stop now


The current functionality of the pre-allocation feature is really only useful when first downloading a torrent made up of many files. You can select the files you want to download in the first screen before starting the torrent and the program will create files on the disk to reserve space for the downloads. This in itself is a very handy feature but I feel that it's functionality could be increased even more and be especially useful for people running at the edge of their hard drive limit. What I am proposing it that when you have a torrent already running and you change a file from the don't download (skip) status to enabling its download that it automatically allocates space on the hard drive for the file. This prevents people from accidentally setting their client up to download more than their hard drive can hold and causing the torrents to stop downloading and display an error message. There is currently a dirty way to solve the issue but it is extremely crude. What you have to do is select the files that you want to add to your download list and then stop the torrent and then start it back up again. The most obvious flaw in this is that in doing this, one loses all of their peer connections. The only instance where something similar takes place automatically is when there is a fragment of a file already downloaded.

It is possible that I missed some setting in the advanced settings that enables this, and if this is the case please inform me and subsequently beat me over the head with a nice thick plank of wood. The same goes for if there is already a post on this topic but there are so many posts that I may have missed it, well, to be honest probably did. Also if this post is too large, entirely unlike uTorrent, please feel free to do the afore mentioned action.

There is one other way to work around this problem, which is by carefully watching how much the "to be downloaded" area increased and then comparing that to hd space, but if one is working with multiple torrents at the same time it really becomes a hassle and at times nigh impossible.


I really feel sorry for you if you read all the way down here because I really wrote way more than is necessary. All you really needed to do was read the first few sentences. Feel free to trim the fat or message me to do it.

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You can just have µTorrent configured to not start the torrent. Then you can select the files you want to download and start the torrent. I'm not familiar with how µTorrent behaves on pre-allocation when going from skip to download, so I can't comment on that.

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