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Folders need the full torrent size right after creation.


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Hello -

i red the FAQ and the stickys and i googled a bit but found no solutions yet.

the problem:

when i create a new torrent wich has the total size of lets say 10GB the Folder with the downloaded data has 10Gb aswell - right after creation.


1)is there a way to force the folder size to be as high as the size of the real loaded data? I currently dont have low free space on my HD.

2)how i find out the REAL and current size of those folders?



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o cmon wtf no more downloads now . T_T

they just dont start anymore no autoload from the directory no drag and drop

i tried it with both preallocate off and on but suddenly its fucked.

o cmon what happened this time :_? TT__T_T_T

edit: okay it works with the manual adding but no autoload and no drag-drop .............................

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