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Upload speed tests don't jive


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Hi, I have read a couple of FAQ's and some threads that all but confused me on this issue.

My upload is either throttled and I have no choice, or my setup is wrong and not allowing me a better rate.

In my setup after the test from the nearest location I received 475.13kbit/s, or a max of 58kb/s.

When I run a speedtest from the net to check my upload rate from my isp, I get a .47mb/s which does not translate to either rate in uTorrent. I am needing educating here. I do have a router, but I took it out of the loop and ran the test directly from my dsl box (btw its CenturyLink, formerly Embarq)

Much appreciated in advanced,


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.47mb/s = .47 megabits/second upload

multiply that by 1024 to get kilobits/second and that's...

481 kilobits/second (or only 470 kilobits/second if multiplying by 1000 instead)

converting kilobits/second to KiloBYTES/second means dividing by 8, so...

58-60 KiloBYTES/second

uTorrent's speed settings on the Preferences, Bandwidth page is in KiloBYTES/second.

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