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Not getting any connection with my friend


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My friend has 2.5 GB of videos and pictures he took over his trips to several countries and we got in a dispute of how he would send me this large volume of files. Rapidshare is inconvenient for this many pictures and same with MSN, so we decided to use uTorrent. Its fast, simple and we can resume the transfer anytime as long as the computer is on and running uTorrent, plus we can control the speed and so on.

It seemed like a really good idea, and at first it worked. I was downloading at average speed, but I do what I usually do: I marked most files as "skipped" so I can download the first dozen and view the pics from first to last on the fly. But of course, as soon as all the files marked "normal" completed downloading in less than a few minutes, the torrent completed. So I remarked all the files to normal but it wouldn't connect to my friend. What the hell is going on? Is it something to do with uTorrent realizing that I'm not seeding so its denying me connection to him?

Here's the log:

[2010-04-11 19:49:18] 26.XX.XX.XXX:XXXXX [uTP](Trip pics): Connecting: source: HI

[2010-04-11 19:49:19] 26.XX.XX.XXX:XXXXX [uTP](Trip pics): [µTorrent/ (0.0)]: Encrypted handshake completed

[2010-04-11 19:49:19] 26.XX.XX.XXX:XXXXX [uTP](Trip pics): [µTorrent 2.0 (100.0)]: Disconnect: Connection closed

[2010-04-11 19:49:56] 26.XX.XX.XXX:XXXXX(Trip pics): Connecting: source: HI

[2010-04-11 19:49:57] 26.XX.XX.XXX:XXXXX(Trip pics): [µTorrent/ (0.0)]: Encrypted handshake completed

[2010-04-11 19:49:58] 26.XX.XX.XXX:XXXXX(Trip pics): [µTorrent 2.0 (100.0)]: Disconnect: Connection closed


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