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Control bandwidth by ping?


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I hame small home LAN - 4 PC, which one of it utorrented - run torrent 24/7. Bandwidth controlled by time sheduler. But life too hard to shedule.

Will be great if utorrent enable/disable limit by ping.

Utorrent ping host and if got answer - set limit, if it has no answer - do not control speed.


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ALL I NEED is enable/disable limit by ping.

1 PC - utorrent, work 24/7/365

2 PC - home (music,games, etc)

At night 1PC has full bandwidth of DSL

At day it limited by sheduler, but 2 PC powered on at various time 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM and also off at various time, so sheduler can't make all my dreams.

1PC ping 2PC and if got answer - set limit to bandwidth, if no answer - no limit.

What simple ? For why post guides to speed setting?

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