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WGR614v5 Sprint DSL speed problems


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*** WGR614v6 is my actual model number sorry for inconvenience ***

Hi I am pretty new to uTorrent and torrents in general. i found out that there was a way to quicken my download speed by portforwarding.

I have:

Netgear Router Model: WGR614v6

Sprint FastAcess DSL

Windows XP w/ Firewall Enabled

I wanted to know if there was a guide exclusively for my modem because no portforwarding guides have been of help to me as of yet. I am averaging less than 10kb/s on downloads.

I wanted to know what would be the most beneficial port to use in my situation, I know how to portforward by connecting to my ip i just haven't been able to find the right port for my situation.

Thanks ahead for the help

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when you go to Network Connection>rightclick your connection>Properties>Advanced>(Windows Firewall) Settings>Exceptions (Tab)>On the bottom click "Add Port">type in the port

hope this helped, good luck

edit: if your using a wireless modem, try to go to Start>Run>cmd>type in "ipconfig">see what your ip address is>go to web browser>on top type in "http://your ip address, ex:">then you SHOULD be presented with a menu of your router>go to "virtual servers" (i think)>and type in the ports (at least thats how it worked on mine)...

hope THAT helps too, also if you know how can u post a screenshot of the utorrent window

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