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Peer IPv4 and IPv6 problem


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i've noticed that µTorrent displays both the IPv4 and IPv6 for certain peers, but they are displayed as 2 different peers.

if i click on an IPv6 peer, the blue 'selector bar' automcatically jumps to a IPv4 peer, who has similar or exactly the same values under the columns (like Client, %, Peer dl.) as the IPv6 peer, which leads me to believe they are the same peer, and µT is showing both their IPv4 and IPv6 IPs

µTorrent 2.0.1 build 18973

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I can't find an answer to this yet, and just want to confirm it:

Since updatiing to µTorrent 2.0.1 (build 19248) I'm getting a lot of these double connections: 1 IPv4 connection + 1 IPv6 connection and definitely the same peer. These peers are sometimes leeching on both slots (getting double speed), but are always unstable - not sustaining the available speeds and periodically losing the IPv6 connection.

It's only peers running µTorrent 2.0 or 2.0.1 (not from other clients or older versions), but not all of them. To me this seems to suggest a problem with µTP users only.

Anything I can do about it?

(Always actively seeding about 10-25 torrents; running 24/7 on 5 private and 1 public tracker; µTP completely disabled on my side.)

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I have also noted this issue.

I have found that the ipv4 and ipv6 users are the same users who connect to my server when seeding. They seem to be requesting different pieces (unconfirmed could be requesting the same piece twice resulting in loss of bandwith) but leech twice as much as they should be allowed.

There should be an option to disable ipv4 or ipv6 if needed within the client. This would allow the users to fix the issue temporarily while a fix is found.

Please see screenshot of issue for clarification.


In my opinion this is not a major problem (it potentially results in slowing down the seeding of torrents, slowing overall swarm speed) but should be addressed if possible. Or at least an option added to disable ipv6 as noted earlier if a fix is too time consuming in the immediate future.

Kind Regards


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No, not fixed in 2.0.2.

Upgraded to that version a few hours ago ... same problem.

And I was wrong with my guess about µTP: had that enabled for about 2 hours - didn't change anything, but some of those IPv6 connections were not flagged as µTP.

I'm just gonna change my firewall exception for µTorrent to IPv4 only, I guess.

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