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Download speed decreases on Unlimited upload cap


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Hi all

This issue could have something to do with my ISP but I thought I will post here to try and understand it.

see this snip for the speed graph -


As soon as I remove the limit on uploads ( 0 or Unlimited ), the download speed suffers badly and I can repeat this every time. I used to run at unlimited upload and have been having speed problems for quite some time. I accidentally discovered this today.

See how the download graph dips and rises on speed limit changes.

Any thoughts?

System - Win7 Pro x86, utorrent v2.0.1 (18973), SL2-141/SL2-141-I ADSL Router

Network - 1Mbps ADSL, ISP - Dataone(a shitty ISP but the only one that suits me from the available choices)

Graph using a torrent with seed/peer: 10(121) / 78(794), Avail: 15.999, Resolution: 5 Sec. DHT etc enabled, no IPv6, So a pretty generic torrent here.

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What scale is that graph?

Seems your connection is highly asymmetric, with considerably less upload than download.

Is uTP peers/seeds present?

I recommend running with uTorrent settings based on max upload...but if the connection is shared, you have to give uTorrent settings as though you have considerably LESS than max upload.

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