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Utorrent Wont Start


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After selecting a file from btjunkie, a screen used to open asking witch programme I wanted to download torrents from.

After clicking on Utorrent another screen popped up with the list of files in the torrent for confirmation.

After clicking OK the torrent started no probs, but today when I have chosen the torrent I want from Btjunkie a screen opens and asks me where I want to save the file to, and after giving it the path to where I save my torrents and OK it, Nothing happens. I have double checked Firewall. I have forwarded the ports on my router 6-7 months ago and am geting two green checks when running Utorrents tests and the green check at the bottem of the screen. Any Ideas what might have changed. I feel that the screen opening asking me "WHERE DO I WANT TO SAVE MY TORRENTS " is something to do with it, as it did not used to open, as I had already set this up in Utorrent. Any Help?

OS: is XP

Browser: Firefox

Firewall: Zonealarm

Antivirus: AVG

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