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How much money do you want?! :)


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Come on, WHO are actually the persons developing uTorrent for Mac?

Please tell us how much money you guys want us to collect for adding the features that't been most wanted since the day uTorrent for Mac was released..

1. Save files in different location

2. Speed data as badge on Dock icon.

I cannot simply understand how this could be a issue that is not possible to overcome from someone who's done an otherwise superb application!

I hope that a developer could answer this question, count how many hours it would take to implement, and tell us how much he wants for it.

I'm sure that Im not the only one willing to put in a donation to speed up things..

And if this is something you don't have the skills to do, couldn't you ask for help from the community, I'm sure there's plenty of skillful people willing to help making uTorrent the nr.1 torrent app on Mac.

Any thoughts?



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