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Long Long Seeding Time


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Not sure if this is a speed problem or a seeding etiquette issue ...

First time I have had this happen

I downloaded a older movie torrent .... came down fast at 300-400 kB/s ...

As per etiquette I am seeding it back .. however after seeding for a week I am only at .067 ratio

as this rate it will take months to seed back to even 1:1 (I usually seed to 1.5:1 or so depending)

seeds are 0(16) and peers are 3(10) at the moment

speed varies between 0 and 1 kB/s ... (with nothing else running up or down)

there are 8 trackers listed (all that isoHunt had)

I have no problem seeding as other torrents will typically be seeded back to 1:1 within a day or two ... with unlimited upload speed set my ISP usually allows me about 100 kB/s up

So my questions:

Logical explanation is that it would seem no one wants the torrent?!

Given that I don't want to leave my hardware up and running to seed at 1kB/s, I don't want to leave the torrent resident forever and I don't want to leech what does one do?


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Sounds like someone with a heavy duty internet connection is seeding this torrent.

I know that there was a time when almost every torrent you could find could use some more seeds, but today a lot of torrents are overseeded. Find something that actually needs seeding and seed that instead, that is much more useful anyway.

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