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In utorrent 2, is anyone able to have more than 40 torrents active?


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I'm not looking for troubleshooting, I'm just looking to see if my experience has been a typical one.

When using utorrent 2, is anyone able to have more than 40 torrents actively downloading at once?

By "actively downloading", I mean both set as "downloading" and appearing in the "active" group on the sidebar.

I've found that even with "max connections per torrent" set very low, and "global max connections" set much higher, no more than 25-30 torrents will ever actively download at once.

With 70 healthy torrents loaded, once 25-30 torrent is reached, the rest stay dormant, and when the active 25 torrents are stopped, another 25 become actively immediately - as though utorrent was specifically preventing them from being active.

I've experimented with a range of settings, and do not believe that this behaviour is determined by settings alone.

Neither my max download speed, nor my max upload speed - which is why I would like for more torrents to be active. (For the sake of the experiment, I stopped any highspeed torrents)

My solution has just been to run multiple copies of utorrent at once (obviously with different torrents running in each)

By doing this, I can have all 70 torrents actively downloading, and can use the full bandwidth available to me, seeds don't leave torrents of which I'm the only downloader and my torrents are completed much faster.

additional information from another topic, if you care about details.

All of the previous explanation has been so you will understand that i've already tried just about everything you could possibly suggest.

I'm really just interested in the answer to the question: is anyone able to have more than 40 torrents actively downloading at once?

If there is anyone that actually is able, a different question: can you have ALL of your loaded torrents active at once, or is there also a soft limit that prevents all your torrents from actively downloading?

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Most people have far fewer active downloading torrents at once, either because they don't start many at once, they have most of them stay in a queued state and only have a couple active at a time, or the downloads complete so fast they don't "pile up".

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