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event id 1014 problems


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Hey guys,

some time ago I had connection troubles, but solved those by setting bt.transp_disposition to 5. That was about 1 month ago. Now, since 4 days I have again connection problems.

Now, as soon as I start utorrent, my internet connection stops working for other progs: surfing the net, checking mail, etc. becomes impossible.

I have found out that everytime I try to visit a site and it gets timed out, an event id 1014 is added to the windows log, it is similar to this:

Name resolution for the name <insert website name>.com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded

I do not know if this is a win7 issue, router problem or utorrent related. Anyone any ideas?

By googling event id 1014 I came out with a few suggestions, like disabling ipv6, this didn't solve anything. Another suggestions was uninstalling all nic drivers, but postponed this until I know it will really work, don't want to mess around with system drivers.

I have also upgraded utorrent to the newest build, didn't help either. Anyone?


mobo: p5q pro (with nvidia chipset, some suggested that this was the problem...)

win7 32 bit

router: sitecom wl308, which is a really expensive and very good one

port forwarding etc is perfectly correct

I have since 3 weeks not messed around with my pc, not changed any settings etc, not in utorrent either, I have updated windows through winupdate but don't know if I updated something around that time that might have caused this.

If any other info is needed, just ask, I don't know what might be relevant.

By the way, I have really tried looking for a solution, also I have searched these forums for event 1014, so don't tell me to google for it.

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No, I don't have nvidia firewall, I am using Norton Internet Security 2010, I know it's not the best option, but it came for 'free' with my laptop for a whole year, so why not use it with my pc too I thought. It's for 3 pc's so. Anyway, I also like the fact that norton seldomly creates troubles, as far as I know, when it comes to torrents, once you create a rule for utorrent, it never bugs you anymore, this wasn't the case with most other security suits a few years back, I don't know how the situation is right now, but anyway, I didn't change anything in norton is either, so I don't think that may be the problem. It just happened one day to the other, while I didn't change anything at all. Most suggestion point towards win7 tho, on one site I read people reporting that once they rolled back to winxp or vista, this event 1014 was gone, but came back once they returned to win7.

By the way, becoz the dns is mentioned in this event id, I even flushed my dns at the command prompt, tried clear dns and renew dns, all without succes. I'm gonna try the next option now, put off my pc, unplug it from the router, plug it directly to internet and see if that makes a difference. That way I can hopefully eliminate the router as the source, or perhaps find out it is the router. Who knows.

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