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Info Balloon Thing for Selected Torrents/Files


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I couldn't think of a good word for these things so forgive me if I couldn't find it in the search but anyways

Right now I've got some fifteen torrents that are very close to being done, and a few gigs left in my daily cap, and Id like to figure out which set I'd be able to complete within that cap so I can have those going and stop the rest. Best I can do right now is look at the Remaining column and mentally add things up.

My suggestion is make one of those info balloon tooltip whatever-you-call-thems that pops up on hover over selected groups of things and gives info about them, like Total Size, Total Remaining, Total ETA, well that one might be tough since most of us can't effectively run fifteen downloading torrents at the same time but you get the idea, data similar to the columns but pertaining to the entire selection. Then I realize some people hate tooltips so make it an optional thing.

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