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Torrents are lost everytime uTorrent is restarted


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I am running windows 7 Ultimate x64 with uTorrent.

I recently set a task in task scheduler for uTorrent to run af 2:01am because they cap the speed here until 2am. I have not seen the task run yet but since then I have had an error with uTorrent.

Every time I load a torrent it starts downloading and seems like its working fine. However when uTorrent is closed, once the program is restarted, it loads 2 torrents which I have already downloaded and deleted the torrent file, so it gives the message: ERROR: Can't open torrent file.

I tried changing around the settings in windows task scheduler but this has not seemed to resolve the issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled uTorrent through control panel but this did not resolve the issue. I have tried deleting my temp windows files using ccleaner. I use Kaspersky Internet Security and everything has worked fine before.

Please help me resolve this issue so that I may download torrents and close the program, then they will be there when I re-open to continue downloading.



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Does Win7 have C:/Documents and settings/All users/Application Data*/uTorrent

*This folder may be hidden

If it does, delete the whole folder after uninstalling uTorrent and then reinstall.


In uTorrent:

Try to go to Preferences > Files and uncheck the box for automatic torrent loading.

When you download torrents from Internet, do you open them or save and then open? Cause when you save a torrent somewhere and start the download, uTorrent copies the torrent to Application Data of your profiles folder.

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