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My seedbox and me - tell the seedbox to forward chunks to my computer


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First of all, this is not a peer priority request like the others, so please bear with me and read everything.

I rented a seedbox to be able to share torrents better and, consequently, also download them faster.

The problem is, most times I end up taking longer to download the torrents using the seedbox then downloading them directly to my home since first the seedbox has to download the file, and then I have to download it from the seedbox at my max speed. But most torrents hit high speeds anyway, so I get no real benefit from seeding that much.

It would be nice to have the ability to give my seedbox ONE ip number or domain name (for users using dyndns) in a way it will give my home computer download priority over others.

This way I could download the file at my seedbox and as soon as 1 chunk is ready it would already forward it to my computer at home, making me get the files faster.

Of course, you don't want people to exploit that. So maybe implement a feature that if my client is getting a priority seed it will stop receiving from others or something like that. Or even, only allow that for utorrent apps that "prove" they can share at high speeds (over 2000kb/s).

Anyway, it would be nice to have some "seedbox and home computer" connectivity in a better way. The way it is, I am considering to stop hosting torrents there.


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