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15Mb/s fiber-optic, but "slow" DL-speed!


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I have a 15Mb/s fiber-optic wireless connection. The speed is for both upload and download. The thing is that no matter what torrent I add or how many seeders/leechers the torrent has, the DL speed never goes beyond 2Mb/s. I currently have my maximum download speed at 4000Kb/s and my upload at 2000Kb/s, but still it is not going any higher than 2.

Another thing is that when a torrent is fairly seeded and there are many leechers my UL-speed is always at around 1000Kb/s while my DL-speed is at around 200-300.

Any ideas about things that I can change to make the speed rise a little. I mean, 2Mb/s is fast, but it's a shame since I have a 15Mb/s connection. Could my wireless adapter be limitating the speed that much?

Ps: Last time I checked my connection at Speedtest.net with the nearest server 50Km away my stats were:

Download: 16.43Mb/s

Upload: 17.36

Ping: 2ms

Pss:I know a lot about computers, but I never really understood the stuff around internet..

Hope you can help me!


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