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Overhead raping my bandwidth and I dont know why


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So, I've tried to read up on as much info as I can with how overhead works, yet I can't seem to grasp why and how it is just destroying up total upload.

In the enclosed picture, one can see my current download and upload and respective overhead. My download is uncapped and I have my upload capped at 60 kB/s. From the picture I am reaching my average bandwidth cap on downloading from my ISP at around 7xx kB/s, and my upload is, in total, reaching near my 60kB/s cap I have set up. Yet...overhead is just destroying the actual upload. What exactly is going on with the overhead to cause it to be this heavy at any random time? I am afraid that I don't quite understand what is going on with overhead, even after reading up on what it does/is and if there is any way to stop so much overhead usage.

I'm running uTorrent 2.0.1, if that helps. I would appreciate any insight that anyone can provide me. Thanks.


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