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Two conections same peer, same torrent.


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Hi people.

Like I said Two conections same peer, same torrent difrent protacol

eg. 2001:0:4137:e76:11:359c:855d:f310


This is the same IP witch ever one I block in peer block they both drop

This is happening to many of my UPs.

please can someone help me

I'm Using

windows 7 OS

AVG Full version

peer block

java up to date.

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Hi moogly.

Seem to work for 2 or 3 hours then its happening just the same

I just have a home computer trying to maintain 70 torrents & when 4 people are downloading

7 of the same 900mg file its just boging me down (Its like pissing into the wind)

Has no one els reported this problem??

Hey man I'm here & will follow any steps you like to research this prob, (UK time line)


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That's good to know, however the fix i stated above of un-installing IPV6 works now if 1 peer having 2 connections is something you want to stop. My upload/download speed is unaffected and my local network has also not suffered. Ultimately if an update comes along that solves this without un-installing IPV6 that's better still. until then folks if you can ditch IPV6, do so!

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OK my friend


I done a complete clean reinstall of uTorrent, delete uTorrent Prefetch, search computer & delete any uTorrent program files, then run CC cleaner, to remove any left Registry keys.Then reinstall uTorrent, The IPv6 then reverts to not installed. Just dont click it again. I did just to test if last time

was a bad install, it all went wrong again, Done this test in uTorrent 2.0.3. also, its not fixed yet.

So my friend if you have a simple step by step temp fix can you post it please for all the non tekies, so they dont lose their internet conection by misstake.

Thanks Bro, Peace.

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Hi mickjapa108,

i'll do my best, unfortunately i don't have access to a windows 7 system so some of what i will show below you may have to access in a different way.

Instructions for un-installing IPV6.

1) in 'control panel' double click on 'network connections'

2) right click on the 'Local Area Network' that connects to the internet and left click on 'properties' from menu that appears.

3) in 'General' settings window left click on 'Microsoft TCP/IP version 6' to select it then click on the uninstall button below. (a message may appear saying 'uninstalling a component will make it unavailable to all network connections. do you want to uninstall Microsoft TCP/IP version 6?') Click 'yes' to the message.

4) wait a few seconds for it to uninstall, when done you'll receive a message to restart, click 'yes' to restart.

now you'll only have IPV4 on your system meaning any attempt to connect to your system using IPV6 will fail, you should no longer see 2 connections with the same port address and "2001:0:4137:e76:11:359c:855d:f310" type connections. the other connection using IPV4 from the peer who had 2 before will still be able to connect

sorry in advance if you cannot do this on a windows 7 system (maybe windows 7 users can help here), i myself have no experience of such as yet, good luck!

if after uninstalling IPV6 you still get 2 connections, then something particular to windows 7 may need looking at (for which alas i cannot help).

in addition i should say my network of 3 pc's consists of 2 xp-pro and 1 MS server 2003. my network is wired throughout. the method above works on both OS'.

edit: i have found this webpage about disabling IPV6 on window 7 that may be useful to you.


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Honestly I don't think it is really useful to spend many hours to find a workaround about fixing this bug.

The bug is minor and non-blocking. In addition, it's a bug in µT and disabling IPv6/Teredo in Windows is an external workaround with larger consequences, the resolution of this bug being only a side effect.

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yes perhaps if someone had to spend hours finding out what to do that may be a bit of a waste of time.

It took me only a few minutes to work out by myself what to do once i realised what was going on.

the fix itself takes a couple minutes to perform and heavy uploaders might prefer to have one connection per peer per torrent so that all peers get their fair share of the bandwidth. (it wouldn't surprise me if some-one finding a way of doubling their download speed may also be likely to 'hit and run' once downloaded, human nature being what it is in this day and age)

It is true that some people may find removing IPV6 causes them problems elsewhere depending on what network connections they wish to make and the hardware they use to connect. i myself have no such issues.

if a problem does occur from disabling IPV6 then re-enabling/re-installing IPV6 will fix it.

this fix give people a choice now if they want to use it

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Hi OutsidePlatosCave.

Well I for one think your post has been very usefull, people only concerned with downloading probabley wont give an oops. but for us uploading more than 1TB a week, it is a big deal

I want to share fairly,not just service the bandwith hogs.

P.S. I will post when this is fixed then close this thread.

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