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Uploading/Download simultaneously not possible


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i M using uTorrent 2.0.1

My upload/Download speed is 70kbps.

Everything was working fine till yesterday.

Till yesterday whenver i downloaded, & uploaded simultaneoulsy it gave me good speed, around 70 kbps for both.

But From yesterday whenever i m trying to download anything i m getting very good speed 65-70kbps but at the same time i m getting around 5-6kbps upload speed.

But if i stop downloading i m getting good upload speed 70kbps. i dont know y ???

Could anybody pls. tell me the reason ???

& this happens only with utorrent, if i download anything from firefox OR anyother browser it gives me 70kbps download speed & at the same time 70 kbps upload in utorrent {provided download in utorrent is stopped}

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