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Powerful change of category list (F7).


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It's will be so good to change catlist in this way:

1. Catlist must be TreeView (TV) object.

2. Each root node is like as

- "Torrents Activity" ("All", "Downloading", "Completed", "Active", "Inactive", "Paused")

- "Label" ("No label" e.t.c.)

- "RSS" ("All Feeds" e.t.c.)

- "Tracker" (new!) ("All", "None" (for .torrents with only DHT loading trick), and each tracker from all .torrents as each child of "Tracker"-TVnode)

- "History" (new!) ("All", and different periods as each child, like grouping history in IE or Opera or any other app).

This way make it possible to add more and more view functionality in future.


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