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No more window!


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Hi, I'm at the end of my tether - I have searched everywhere for an answer to this and not even the FAQ has anything remotely like it.

I've used utorrent for about 3 years, but recently I had something go wrong with my computer which seemed to default everything I had back to an earlier setting. However, utorrent seemed to be unaffected by this, until I went to download a torrent a couple of weeks ago and the little dialogue window that opens to tell me the contents of the torrent, and gives the option to tick or untick boxes was no longer there. I went through all my preferences, noticed that it had been affected by the PC problem, because all my settings had reverted to default.

I have tried ticking just about every relevant box, unticking the same and trying to recover this little window that allows me to pick and choose from the contents of a torrent - and nothing has worked.

Any ideas? Please?


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